Renzo Sindaco

I want to briefly present my town "BISENTI",
ocated halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the Grand Sasso Mountains. Bisenti is in the Fino Valley within the province of Teramo. As well as appreciating the historical attractions and natural beauty of our surroundings, Bisenti is host to a variety of foods and beverages: carefully crafted desserts, locally grown grapes to produce Montonico wine, antipasti of cured meats and ham, pastas such as macaroni alla mulinara, ravioli with ricotta, fettuccine alla boscaiola, and of main course dishes dressed with tomato and local extra virgin olive oil. Bisenti is ideal for sampling roast meats, the famous kebabs (Arrostocini), and much more. We wait your holiday stay in one of our many accommodations throughout the area! Happy Holidays!